nft with real life value.
HOld and get rewarded.
community driven.


What we are about

What will make us stand out? Smart marketing and real future value is the key. This is what we aim for. Not just the value of the art but the value of being a part of a community and the real-life experiences it gives us.

The funds raised from the public sales will go towards development of business structures and investment plans. Our community will have a say in the future of this process.
We already have a few projects lined up for a more direct approach.
Stay tuned for updates.

We will create our own value by being a strong community driven project.
This is the true value of owning a fox.



Once 25% of the foxes get a new home

- Ramp up marketing efforts to promote the SolanaFoxes


Once 50% of the foxes  get a new home

- 10 most active owners on discord will get rewarded with a free airdrop!

- Raffle amongst verified foxes.


Once 75% of the foxes get a new home

- Communitywallet will arrive. Filled with goodies for every holder of a fox.

- We make a donation of 100 SOL to a Music foundation.


Once 100% of the foxes get a new home

- Community raffle amongst fox holders to win up to 100 SOL

- We go through plans of investment to make us more than we are


Phase 2:

-Airdrops, partners with others, building up this project to ensure a stable future were we can bring value to all our holders.

-We will put alot of focus on real life value, we strive to make a business around the NFTs to get real life value to our community.

-Royalties for holders 50%, where we split up for 25% for community wallet and 25% directly to holders.



Much more to come! This is just the beginning of our journey.


Foxy foxes


team members


What is the total supply of foxes ?

There will be 2,500 foxes in the metaverse !

What is the minting cost?

The foxes will be availabe on the Solana blockchain at 0.75SOL

When is the launch ?

December 7th 23:00 UTC

Can i get more than 1 fox ?

Yes you can, we will have whitelist so the early and active members will have a headstart to be guaranteed atleast 3 Foxes.

Which wallet will be available

We recommend using phantom wallet.

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